Welcome to the Branded Content Seasons.

Within an indulgent world, the leading brands in the market communicate emotional messages to attract the consumer. But communication is currently being challenged by a generation driven by entertainment and its tools, who defy stereotypes not only in the way they relate to others, but also to brands.The value of individualism shows their desire to be part of their generation, and they prefer to interact with brands that speak to them in their language and in their favorite leisure spaces. To do this, we will carry out a set of brand activations to seek the meeting of values between the school and its public.

Strategic Challenge

  • Emotionally connect and engage students in a new brand experience. Authentic, with value towards the industry and close to them.

Tactical Challenge

  • Find an idea of a powerful communication territory that generates notoriety for The Core with an attractive message for the industry and for a target and that creates its own rules.

Content Goals

  • Generate awareness through brand activations that clearly communicate our value; to be the driving force behind the entertainment industry in Spain, towards the world.

Key Objectives

  • Speak directly to the new promoters of entertainment and in their language to connect with them emotionally and impact them: Awareness, Consideration & Trial.

Bye campaign. Hey brand content - From the traditional campaign to the launch of seasons of entertainment content.

A new vision.

A new vision of relationships, work, community, communications, obligations, the rights we have, what is right and wrong, idols, sports, leisure time, to entertainment, to fashion, to what is considered 'cool', to intimacy, to fame, to family, to maturity, to problems, to humor and to love.

The generation that takes everything by the eyes centennials learn everything by looking at things. When they see, they begin to make connections with those things that spark their insatiable curiosity. They understand information better when it is communicated to them visually.

Just like fashion, brand content will be built on 2 seasons of entertainment content per year. Seasons that “match” the annual sales/launches calendar of the products and services linked to them.

Talk about something new, with your own language.

In a new target, they look for new sensations and experiences that enrich them. Brands that want to attract them cannot use traditional advertising (btl, atl).

They need to use their own language and their own networks and channels to generate the most sought after concept among the public.