The Wine Editors Collection

The Wine Editors Collection

We Are Wine Editors.

Escape from the stereotypes of viticulture and meet the encounter between the land and its stories.

Spain is a land of wine.

For centuries, generation after generation have dedicated themselves to cultivating the land and producing extraordinary wines, distinguished by their diversity. Diversity of climates, terroirs, influences and grape varieties that result in a versatile and unique wine offer.

Despite this, Spanish wine remains unknown to many.A brand with these values should position itself a ambassadors of our land.

Wine Catalog Strategy:

A Land of Wine

  • A logical approach that allows us to reinforce our agricultural work through a beautiful journey to our denominations of origin and wineries. A tour that immerses us in endless vineyards. A journey through the best of our territory that crosses twelve wineries and nine of the most prestigious DOs in Spain.

  • It will become the rational catalog of our website, proposing a standard classification organized through the Araex, DOs, Wineries and Products portfolio.

A journey through the Spanish winemaking tradition that will take us through the most prestigious DOs and wineries should be proposed. Many different perspectives on Spanish wine from the point of view of our wineries.

Wine Collection Strategy:

Wine Anthologies

  • Our Editor's Pick. Our point of view. Our value. A categorization that transcends regions and wineries and that focuses on what makes each product unique.

  • The Spanish wine tradition is rich and diverse and as such, there are endless ways to discover it. From classic pieces to heroic wines, we propose our special selection based on our experience and our own perspective.

  • An immersive experience that offers an emotional and unconventional approach to our premium offer of Spanish wines.

Create new selection criteria for the history and values of the wine. An editorial with the function of selecting the best Spanish premium wine from the most prestigious DOs and presenting it in a detailed catalog and in special collections that reveal new perspectives.

Artesian Wonders

Wines arising from the talent of wine artisans, from the most artisanal and meticulous approach: manual viticulture. Grapes harvested and selected by hand.

Avant-garde glance

A collection with wines that have been made with the most innovative and pioneering techniques in the industry.

Extreme Marvels

There is something wonderful about overcoming adversity. This is our selection of wines that have emerged from the most complicated climates and soils to become authentic wonders.

Summary: From the earth, for Earth. The new wine experience philosophy needs leads wine lovers to act in an ethical and committed manner in everything we do. Move practice precision viticulture that leads us to continuously measure the evolution of the vineyards and soils of our wineries to adapt to new goals of quality, purity and respect for the environment.