Hello Human Data!

Hello Human Data!

Bye-bye SIM, Hello Human Data. “Hi! It is Human Identity.

The discourse of a brand as a succession of touch points is outdated.

In each phase of the customer journey, for each type of consumer, in each experience, on each device, the brand is one. Experienced in a diverse, polyhedral way, it responds to plural needs. But it is one.

And not only from the narrative discourse and content but also in the tools and functionalities that we offer to our different target segments.

The brand becomes the customer experience, and the customer experience becomes the brand.

Strategic Challenge

  • Design an innovative brand experience that adds value to our customers, that makes them feel proud to be from Orange, taking the delivery of the SIM card as a starting point.

Tactical Challenge

  • Increase the acquisition of new customers
  • Upsell more products or services to existing customers
  • Access to a greater knowledge of our clients
  • Improve brand perception from honesty and transparency

Product Goals

  • The solution lies in designing the pack of the future for the "new SIM" knowing that the packaging begins not only in the purchase but from the discover, consider and even post-sale.

Key Objectives

  • An experience that translates the positioning of the brand does not happen only at the time of delivery of the card

Hi! It is Human Identity. Our way of connecting with each other and with our data adapts to what we are better than ever.

A new vision.

  • Hi! It is completely personal pack that the user builds according to their needs in the store or through digital channels.

  • The starting point can be the recommendation of the personal assistant.

  • But the possibilities of co:creation with the client are endless (cross selling or upgrade) and are flexible (seasons or needs)

“ I want them to offer me simple tools that help me match what my phone company can offer me and my needs. “

Talk about something new, with your own language.

  • The brand experience continues beyond the configuration and reception of the pack.

  • Catch your hi! so that your pack becomes your control panel from which you can manage your data.