Re-defining the PetCare.

Re-defining the PetCare.

Smart Collar - Pet Tracker.

A necklace with different sensors connected to an app to "listen" our pets and respond to their basic needs for activity, care, rest and socialization.

  • How can we build our brand experience understanding a new on going reality?
  • Which opportunities brings to the business being more connected?
  • Which needs can we cover connecting the users with their pets and the brand?

The rise of pet subscription services has offered a convenient way for pet owners to get items delivered directly. In turn, more stores are refining the retail experience and adding order online, pick up in-store offerings and more to meet customers where they are and how they want to shop. Digital connection shopping is expanding in every direction and becoming a more integral part of the consumer experience worldwide

What if we created a playful petcare arena. An amazing and super fun opportunity to connect consumers with new petcare solutions, services and live experiences for our pets?

💨 For Activity

Routes, Games, Trips, Outdoor Experiences. It’s always time to have fun! For those who savor the everyday: #PetTime

🐶 For Care

Nutrition, Hydration,Care, Hygiene. Because knowing they are healthful, they have a complete nutrition and they get what they need, give you confidence.

🐾 For Relax

Rest, Sleep, Rewards. Tomorrow will be a new experience but, even the most adventurous, need a moment of calm.

🦴 For Social

Social Education, Relationships, Humans/Pets. Life is amazing when we are together! #PetTime is full of happy moments of connection.

Pet parents are utilizing technology to share experiences and understand better the needs and emotions of their pets.

Pet Visualization to understand your Pet.
Translate and improve the pet and owner relationship +++

Pet Monitor to embrace Real Connections.
Emotional link, uses GPS  to track what’s going on  +++

Summary: The macro trend of health and wellness and the increasing number of new generations pet parents are changing the way we care for our pets. People want to experience life with their pets. It can be anything from running a 10k with their dog to attending events together. So - designers - we have a duty to createt valuable products and services to foster and improve this very strong ande real link.